Why Bring Us Your Games?

Support the cause,


We Pay More!

We pay more than the big guys in Store Credit or Cash… guaranteed!

Kingdom Games specializes in Buy / Sell / Trade for games, consoles, hardware, and accessories. We accept all major platforms from retro to the current generation of consoles.

We also accept trade-ins for collectible card games, including Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Pokemon for  singles and sealed products.

How It Works

1. Bring Your Items In

No need to schedule an appointment. Simply bring your games, consoles, and/or accessories to our store so we can inspect them and prepare a quote.

2. Price Lookup

We'll look up the market value of each item and even check against what the corporate chains pay out to make sure you get paid MORE.

3. Get Paid

Once all items are prepared in our system, we can print a quote for you or complete the trade-in and dispense cash/store-credit immediately.

Give Life To Your Old Games

“I wish I would have kept all my old Nintendo games they’re worth a fortune now.”

We hear this sentiment all the time, and we’re on your side! We would rather you keep playing your old Xbox 360 or PS2 than see you get rid of it, and these things can only get more expensive if you hang on to them.

We will always encourage you to keep your games, or try and sell them yourself to a friend or neighbor. But if you have no one else, we would love to give your old games a new home.

Support the Cause & Get Paid

The goal of our store is to give people a place to hang out and play games, and we can’t do that without your help!

We give back to our community. For example, we buy little league jerseys for sports teams and donate to local schools. Do you know of a school fundraiser or other non-profit organization that needs our help? Send them our way!

Transparent Practices

We offer higher payouts than GameStop and accept items they don’t! Get up to 50% market value in store credit or 25% in cash. We’re flexible and can go even higher depending on the situation.

We Won’t flake out on you

Selling locally can be risky due to scams and incidents. With Kingdom Games, you get a safe and reliable selling experience, without the risk.

Safe and Reliable Trading

Meeting up with strangers can be risky, as hundreds of incidents occur every year from people trying to sell to others locally only to be scammed... or worse!

You may be able to make a bit more by selling privately, but with Kingdom Games, you’ll get a reliable, predictable, and safe selling experience.

Bonus For In-Demand Items

We guarantee that we’ll pay you MORE than the big corporate game stores, but our system does adjust prices based on our current stock levels to prevent overstocking. For everything else, we offer 10% credit or 5% cash for sports games and games valued at under $5. For games over $10, we give 20% credit or 10% cash. Magic Cards are valued up to 60% credit based on condition and TCG Player prices.

We incur a 20% fee to sell on TCG Player and up to 40% for direct orders. Our offers may break even with 60% credit.