SMS Policies


Kingdom Games will, with your consent, send text messages to your mobile phone with information about sales, events, and other news happening in our store. When making a purchase from our store in-person, our staff may ask you if you want to opt-in to receiving text messages from us. If you consent, your customer account will be added a list of subscribers. Periodically, we will send text messages to our subscribers to inform subscribers about relevant news and information pertaining to our business. Our system has the ability to separate outbound text messages into interest-lists. For example, we may have a list that sends texts to customers who are interested in sales, and we may have another list of customers who are interested in events taking place in our store.

Opt-In / Subscribing

When making a purchase from our store in person, the staff member ringing up the sale may ask if you would like to join our SMS subscription list. To inquire about joining our SMS subscription list, inform a staff member in person that you are interested in receiving texts from us. They will then update your account in our Point of Sale so that your customer account is set to receive text messages from us. When subscribing, you will receive a confirmation text message on your phone, alerting you that you are set to receive text messages in the future from us.

Opt-Out Un-subscribing

To leave our subscription list, you may either have one of our staff members take you off the list, or you can reply with the word “REMOVE” in the conversation where you received text messages from us. Once you reply with this key word, the system will take your number off of the subscription list and will not text your phone number any longer.


We are aware of the fact that our customers are consenting to receive text messages on their phones because they want to stay informed about what is happening in our business. We do not take this privilege lightly and do our best to not overwhelm customers with an excessive amount of uninteresting or irrelevant text messages. In general, we may send out multiple text messages per week, for example, 2-4 messages per week. The actual quantity of outbound texts will fluctuate depending on the season and as different offerings coincide with one another. In other words, one week you may receive a text message every other day, and the next week none at all.

If you find you are receiving too many texts, let us know! We’re happy to receive your feedback. Visit to send feedback, or you can also call us or stop by.


This service is provided free of charge, though your cell carrier may impose fees to receive such texts, depending on your mobile plan (for example, if traveling, etc.).

Data Privacy

We make use of the Grindless Point of Sale system (“POS”) to facilitate the sending and receiving text messages. Any conversation history, including outbound or inbound text messages, are not stored by Kingdom Games directly, but is instead stored by Grindless on our behalf, or our SMS provider, Plivo. When providing your phone number to us in person, your phone number will be stored in your customer account in our POS indefinitely. If you wish to have your account deleted permanently from our systems, contact us with your request using our Contact page at

Your information, including name, phone number, and any other collected information, is never shared with or sold to 3rd-parties for marketing or any other purposes. Information you share with us is solely used to track your customer history in our point of sale system, or to send you text messages (with your consent) in accordance to policies described above in this page.